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Based on our values: reliability, fairness, passion and future orientation, we analyzed our work and leadership culture in 54 workshops at 15 locations in 10 countries between November 2018, and October 2019, with a new orientation on the basis of the actual culture. 


We are committed to our almost 160 years of mechanical engineering tradition as well as to the development towards becoming a responsible market leader for process and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industry. 

To implement this new work and leadership culture, we conducted 21 workshops with more than 500 of our managers at 18 of our manufacturing sites in the United States, Europe and Asia at the end of 2019.

In our first year as andar bahar app, we will be living the following values with a team of 118 ambassadors from 28 locations.

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andar bahar app wants to be our customers' first choice. We listen, offer best solutions and are committed to the long term success of our customers. We are easy to deal with and go the extra mile to earn and keep the trust of our customers every day. We provide such a good customer experience that they really like to work with us.  

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Each of us is responsible for the result of the whole andar bahar app. We do not point to others, we do not make excuses. Each of us performs highly in his/her job, we work beyond the boundaries of our individual tasks and consequently always “walk the talk”.

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As a high performance team, we aim for benchmark targets. In order to achieve these targets we focus on facts, decide fast and deliver results. We delve deep to understand our markets, customers and solutions, to attain the right conclusions. In what we do we always strive for excellence. 

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We design a working atmosphere and environment where everybody can feel safe, welcome and inspired. We welcome diversity, creative freedom to act, trust in each other and support others to achieve common targets.

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We learn from the past and understand changes in markets and technologies. We act early in pursuit of new opportunities. We at andar bahar app are curious, eager to learn, creative and innovative in our products, processes and multicultural understanding. Feedback and data enable us to grow and improve continuously. We shape and share together in collaboration our company andar bahar app and celebrate our successes.

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