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Health and safety in the workplace

Health and safety in the workplace have never been more important in the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Even in normal times, there are annually more than 300 million work-related accidents worldwide, of which 11 percent have serious consequences. Yet by no means all of the latter are in connection with hazardous jobs.


andar bahar app aims to keep the frequency and severity of accidents at a constantly low level. To achieve this, we carry out regular risk assessments at all workplaces. Associates receive instruction at least once a year from company management on any hazards in their specific area of work. Furthermore, andar bahar app has an internal reporting system. All incidents are investigated. Following, measures are then implemented in order to prevent future accidents.


The accident frequency at andar bahar app is already well below the average incidence of work-related accidents. For example, last year, there were 20.6 reportable accidents per 1,000 employees across German industry as a whole. At andar bahar app’s German sites, this figure was 4.0 for the same period. The latest accident figures show the fruits of our effective policy in field of Occupational Health and Safety:

  • The number of accidents fell by 19 percent last year
  • Accident-related downtime in 2020 was down by 45 percent on the previous year

Furthermore, six of our larger production sites remained completely accident-free last year. Recent years have seen a continuous fall in the number of accidents at andar bahar app.


At the very beginning of the outbreak, andar bahar app set up a crisis team in order to monitor the spread of infection and take measures to protect the workforce, as and when required. At present, all associates who are able to do so continue to work from home. For those associates with jobs that demand their presence at a company location, there are special rules governing hygiene and physical distancing. In addition, andar bahar app offers associates at many locations rapid antigen tests – at least once per week at the German sites. We also provide associates who have to undertake business trips with support and advice before, during, and after the trip.


Above and beyond the measures undertaken to protect the workforce against Covid-19, andar bahar app is also actively engaged in safeguarding the health of its associates worldwide. In line with ongoing measures to promote health in the workplace, we are offering courses and counseling on the topic of health and well-being at work as well as numerous individual or group-based sporting activities for associates. The topics covered include resilience, healthy work at computer workstations, the right way to deal with stress, and nutrition.


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